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Construct 2 will be retied fully on July 1st 2021. As of July 1st 2020, it is no longer possible to buy Construct 2.

  • Wide range of new features that aren't in Construct 2
  • New exciting features being actively developed by our team
  • Easy seat management - students do not need accounts to use Construct 3
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Construct 2 for Public & Non Commercial Organisations

If you are a public and non commercial educational organisation you qualify to purchase our site wide Construct 2 licenses. These are our best value offerings and allow for unlimited on-site usage of the full version of Construct 2. Order Now!


Construct 2 is a visual drag-and-drop game creator for Windows. It is the perfect tool to engage students in a relevant, exciting and interactive way.

From the moment they open Construct 2, students will be enthralled by the possibilities and immediate results.


Construct 2 helps students engage with the many aspects of game creation, programming, design, maths, collaboration, publishing and marketing.

Construct 2 is already used world wide by schools, colleges, univerisites. Why not join them?


Using Construct 2 in your institution has never been easier. Choose a plan and get an easy single license for the full version of Construct 2 that you can install on every computer in your institution.

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If you're interested in Construct 2 for education but have a few questions we would be more than happy to answer them for you! Drop us an email and expect a quick response.


Scirra Ltd is proudly partnered with StemFuse who use Construct 2 in their GAME:IT computer programming courses to teach students how to make games and learn to program!

Scirra Ltd is proudly partnered with LTS Education Systems to integrate Construct 2, the world’s leading HTML5 visual game studio application into Stride Arcade™, a growing student community game sharing platform.