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If you are a public and non commercial educational organisation you qualify to purchase our site wide Construct 2 licenses. These are our best value offerings and allow for unlimited on-site usage of the full version of Construct 2. Order Now!


Construct 2 is a visual drag-and-drop game creator for Windows. It is the perfect tool to engage students in a relevant, exciting and interactive way.

From the moment they open Construct 2, students will be enthralled by the possibilities and immediate results.


Construct 2 helps students engage with the many aspects of game creation, programming, design, maths, collaboration, publishing and marketing.

Construct 2 is already used world wide by schools, colleges, univerisites. Why not join them?


Using Construct 2 in your institution has never been easier. Choose a plan and get an easy single license for the full version of Construct 2 that you can install on every computer in your institution.

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Scirra Ltd is proudly partnered with LTS Education Systems to integrate Construct 2, the world’s leading HTML5 visual game studio application into Stride Arcade™, a growing student community game sharing platform.