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Construct 2 will be retied fully on July 1st 2021. As of July 1st 2020, it is no longer possible to buy Construct 2.

  • Wide range of new features that aren't in Construct 2
  • New exciting features being actively developed by our team
  • Easy seat management - students do not need accounts to use Construct 3
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Why teach with Construct 2?

There have been over


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downloads of Construct 2!

We're Popular

Construct 2 is trusted and used by people all over the world. Reviewed by .NET magazine as having no downsides *.

* "Construct 2 - gaming the system with HTML5". .NET magazine (Future Publishing) (226): 29. April 2012.

It's Intuitive

It's important to use software in teaching that everyone of all abilities can understand quickly.

Construct 2's been designed with this objective right from the beginning so everyone can hit the ground running.

Fully Documented

Software with full documentation is an essential requirement for education. Our manual is up to date and complete.

The Construct 2 manual is also available in a downloadable format.

Along with the manual, we also have hundreds of Creative Commons Licensed tutorials which are a great help when designing lessons.


Write your own plugins and behaviours in Construct 2 with our fully documented Javascript SDK.

Perfect for more advanced students and as a way to start teaching Javascript — a popular language in industry.

Good Fun

Teachers and students alike have a lot of fun with Construct 2.

Within minutes everyone can have moving elements on their screens. This immediate and rapid progress is an excellent motivator and often captivates students.

Free Updates

We're always releasing new features for Construct 2 that keep it up to date with the latest HTML5 technologies.

Construct 2 is often one of the first to offer the latest and greatest newly available technologies.

Contextual Help Links

Construct 2 is full of useful contextual help links that provide students and teachers with the relevant help resource every step of the way.

Teachers can't always answer everyone's questions at the same time — these links encourage students to discover the answers for themselves.

Introduces Computing Concepts

We've written about how we think Construct 2 can be used to teach programming.

Construct 2 is the perfect tool for introducing programming concepts and logic to students in a visual and intuitive way.

It doesn't stop when the lesson's over...

Construct 2 allows you to export your creations to a wide variety of devices. Mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and more.

Once the games are made the students can export them to the various platforms and share/play their creations with their families and friends.

Multi Faceted

A lot goes into making a game. Programming, maths, team work, graphic design, level design, publishing, marketing and advertising... the list goes on!

Construct 2 allows you to teach all these skills, or just focus on the relevant ones.

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