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Post » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:33 pm

Hi , i need to save lot of values in a 2 dimensions array .

I use this method :

define and array of x: 100 y : 3 z : 1

to save values :

Array > for each XY element > Array > Set value at

(Array.CurX, Array.CurY) to

tokenat("1,A,1,2,B,3,3,C,3 etc...", Array.CurX +Array.CurY*Array.Width, ",")

I don't know if i do the good method because i want with my array forexample return 1 like UID,A like a texte and 1 like a value.

So my two questions :

My array has the good structure ?

How can i get my values into 2 dimensions ?

Ty a lot for helps !

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