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Post » Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:05 pm

Hello !
I'm using the latest stable version (r139).
I have 2 questions :

1- If i understood well, now if I duplicate a frame in an animation, with the same image, without changing nothing, it is supposed to not create another image when i export my project, in order to keep memory.


Well, it seems it's not working for me.
I verified my spritesheets, and C2 creates a new image for the one i have duplicated.
Maybe i misunderstood something or i am doing something badly.
I'm using png, the images are exactly the same.

2- I'm experiencing very bad performances with tiled backgrounds.
I export on IOS, so maybe it's due to that support, i don't know, but using them kills my FPS.
I had a scene made of tiles, it was running at 17. It was columns. I changed all of them (made before by tiles) to sprites, and i'm at 55-60 now. Strange.

I had another question but i forgot it lol. If it comes back i will ask it later :)
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