2D Artist needed. Sprites, Tile Set, BG.

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Post » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:11 pm

Good afternoon gentlemen :)

I'm working on a 2D platform game based on Megaman, but I swear to God it'll be better than Mighty N.9 LOL

The concept of each character and their movements, as well as tiles, mechanics, enemies and obstacles are all defined and ready to be worked with, as well as the stages and power ups. The code for the game is ready, it needs however to be polished so the game can run better, and some bugs fixed.

However, I'm not a good artist myself, and this game is a game that I came to cherish and wish to see it well done in a way better than the average silly mini games I've developed so far.

So, if any artist is willing to discuss prices and deals just call me inbox so we can chat and see what happens ;)
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