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Hey guys , i am recruiting a 2D artist or a team of 2D artists for a non-game project.

*About me
My name is Mouadh Hsoumi , i am 23 , i am student and developer , my specialty is Web and Mobile but i code using other Computer languages , i did create some plugins and Behavior for Construct 2 as
LayoutTransition-> Create transition animation when changing layouts
Autocomplete-> Add autocomplete to a Listbox as the list below the google search Input when you enter some characters
ButtonFlat-> Create customized Button woth more than 7 Theme and 50 icons to your project
ListView-> Create DataGrid , or DataTable to your project , and you can sort data , change theme , add data , remove data , etc...
Star Rating -> Add Easy Star rating system to your project
Video Call -> with this plugin you can create your own Skype using Construct 2
etc... and others will come later.

*Projects already Done
I made them alone
A PeerToPeer software for "Red down Entertainment"
A Website for "Sodexo"
A Taxi management Application , for a Germany taxi company
A Mobile application for "Food recipes sharing" for another french company
A Game on Facebook for an American Company
and others i don't remember for now :p

Made with Team

A Student-Universities Platform , where Students can easily find and chat with Universities recruter
A hotel booking website for a french company

*Project Idea
2D Sprite Maker , it's the name of the Application/Platform that i really want to create , where any user can create/animate sprites such as Humans , Monsters , Aliens , Animals , Objects , etc...
The idea is to create a whole Platform , where you can Generate randomly , or Customize your sprite from A-Z .

Exemple for a Human you can generate a random Human or you can build it as you want , choose the Body , the skin , the hair the nose , clothes ,shoes etc.... , and for each Item there will be a variety of types and colors , then select animations for your Sprites and finally export to to a GIF or .PNG(Sprite Sheet)

So for now there is Only me , i already started the development and few tests with 3 or 4 artists that did let me down after one or two weeks of work (I dont know why) , but i still have faith on this project.

*What is already made ?
1- There is already a test character that i am working with until i find a new artist(s)
2- I already created and coded the Software that will manage/organize and encrypts ressources (to not be stolen)

*What am i looking for ?
2D Artist(s) than can start this project with me for FREE, until we start getting revenue at that moment i will pay him/them.

More details about the Profil i am looking for
2D Artist that can create Good/Fast Sprite Quality
Can work up to minimum 3 hours per day
Must report updates Each 1-2 Days (with last artists some time a whole week with no updates)
and finally will not let me down after couple of weeks

*Your Job
You will provide the necessary graphical ressources for the Application

*My Job
I will handle all the rest (Codding, Updates, Organization, Ressources Management, Marketing, Promotion etc...)

Thank you for reading the post and if you want to join me on this project and you are serious PM me or contact me by Email "[email protected]" or skype "hsmouadh"

if you have any question post it and i will reply fast
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