2D-Side Scroller Platform Shooter?? Haha, here's my project!

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Post » Mon May 08, 2017 2:29 am

Hey folks, Aiyoju here, just discovered Construct2 and I'm starting a project just for learning pruposes!
I present you Recycling Madness, a shooter form a 2D side perspective!

There's not much done yet, but the core gameplay is close to being solid I hope! You can try it here:


Feedback is welcome :)

A S D To move and crouch.

[Spacebar] To jump.

[Shift] To dash (while moving ;) ).

1 and 2 to change between ranged and melee weapon.

Left click to shoot the ranged and hit with the melee!

R to reload the ranged weapon.

Every 3 seconds an "Enemy" spawns in front of you, so you can test the weapons and all!
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