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Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. Contains uncomfortable content.

This is 4 Cats - My second game made using Construct 2. This game was made primarily as a test for intergrating Spriter into C2, and as a base for more side-on shooter games in the future.

Development History

The game was originally made for the AGBIC Game jam. The main concept was to make a game based on a fake cover, from the famicase exhibition. We chose a cover called "4 Cats".
Since we had recently bought a copy of spriter, we thought that it would be a good idea to use fully animated sprites, as you can see in the game. The downside is that the animation changes can lead to bugs/glitches. A lot of them. We managed to stomp out most of them, and the game is much better now. It did take a long time, though, and we missed the deadline for the jam by... well... 4 Months.

But still, the game is definitely worth playing, if you want a unique experience. Have fun and please leave feedback!
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