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8 directional swordsman — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

This package includes a swordsman with four (4) types of animation: walk, idle, dodge-roll, and death. The walk and idle animations are in all 8 angles. The death and dodge-roll animations are in front, back, and side view.

The walk animation consist of about 8 frames for each angle. The idle animation consist of about 10 frames for each angle. In addition, the idle animation also consist of the character with the following facial expressions: happy, sad, angry, in pain, and shock for all 8 angles with about 5 frames each animation. The death animation consist of about 15 frames per angle. The dodge-roll animation consist of about 8 frames per angle.

All 261 images are sized at 200 x 200 pixels for all the animation types and will come in PNG format.

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