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Post » Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:17 pm

Hi @shimo,

I'm afraid the black screen problem could not be avoided if you are using Intel XDK. :/
At least Healer Quest released a few days ago, and I still have the black screen on both iOS and Android.

But BTW, if you have 50 or 60Mb of music, be sure to test if you will be able to publish your game!!
Here is why :
Android and iOS both have a limited size for upload. IIRC this is 50Mb for one platform, 60 Mb for the other.
If your complete game is more than that, I doubt you will be able to upload it. Other games use packages to be able to go over this limit, but while using Construct 2, you can't use these packages. At least this is the conclusion I've come to while asking for this on this forum. The result is that you are simply limited to the basic size of the platform (50 or 60 Mb)

And the next bad news... If you plan to make a Crosswalk build using Intel XDK, there are 16Mb that will be added to your file, so you could consider that you're stuck within 34 Mb limitation, I'm afraid. :(
Of course I could be wrong. I may have missed something, or maybe additional packages could now be used with Construct 2, but please make sure to test an upload to the store to avoid being in the same situation I was a few month ago. I really, really struggled from these limitations.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions. Good luck! ;)
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Post » Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:30 pm

Okay I get it, and thanks for sharing with us your experience with XDK, of course I will considerate this. I have already published a couple of games for Android and I did not had any problem because the games are very small you know. Now I am trying publish a larger game and I hope everything fence according to plan :/ considering those limitations.

bwt your game looks nice when I come back home I will test it. :D
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