A few questions before I buy C2

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Post » Sat May 17, 2014 11:47 pm

I took a few days to try out C2 and like what I see.

Before I buy a license, I'd like to know:

Right now, my iPad (first generation) can not play my "game" which is actually a piano with 11 keys.
There is about one to two seconds of lag between key press and sound.
Question: Would I be able to export my piano game to a native format which my iPad then could install, ether from iTunes (I do have an Apple developer account and 10 apps in iTunes which were made with GS)?

Are there any issues with exporting the game to the advertised formats?
I think that I would want an installable Windows, Mac desktop version and iPad, iPhone as well as Android.
Kindle Fire and what other platforms make sense are all important to me.

Last question.
The license price list states that if someone uses C2 commercially and makes more than 5 grand, that the business edition is required.

My website, LittleComposers.com (just google "little composers" is not yet a registered business (but will be one day) and I do not charge for accessing the site in any way as memberships are free.
Is it OK to buy the $119 US license?

Thanks guys. This forum has been a great help and I have learned a lot in just a few days.
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Post » Sun May 18, 2014 1:55 am

Hello vancouver

I am not sure about that since I haven't dealt with any apple products, so hopefully our other members who have will help you out here.

For Android and IPhone, C2 actually uses wrappers to export them into the desired format. There are some issues, but it is being handled by other companies. They do work in general based on the success of many of our members, but it might require a few extra steps and some tweeks here and there. But they are always updating so it constantly gets better......just maybe not at a rate fast enough to please us :lol:

Well, if you aren't making more than $5K than you can continue using the $119 license. So if your website has free membership and your advertising revenue is less than $5K, you don't need to upgrade for now.
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Post » Sun May 18, 2014 5:05 am

thanks rekjl,
it's good to learn more about q2 and yes, i should be fine with a standard license, for a while at least.

The HTML5 performance on an iPhone 5 is great but my new Galaxy Note3 worries me. I even use Chrome as recommended and still a lot of lag.

Again, thank you for you input,

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