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Post » Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:47 am

1. Does having multiple layers affect performance at all? I remember it did in MMF, but was that only because each layer handled collisions?

2. Is there a "proper" way to check if 0 instances of an object exist? If I use (System>Compare>Object>Get # of objects) I get the following error when debugging:

[code:24pzyobl]Debugger first-time message:

Expression 'Count': no 'Object' objects exist: returning 0

Event: 503
Action: n/a[/code:24pzyobl]

That's like saying the event can't be executed because the object doesn't exist..Well the event is there to see if the object doesn't exist..sooo. Sorry for asking about this again but if the debugger is showing me errors then I have to think I was misinformed.

3. Is there any way to get an object with the platform behavior to fall through small gaps in the floor? Unless I set the speed to 50 or something the platform object just glides right over them. I've resorted to placing detectors between the gaps that force the platform object through them, which works fine.. but this workaround seems a bit silly.

4. I'd like to add a sub-screen/pause menu to my game, but when I set timescale to 0 the screen goes black. I think it's because of a certain plugin I'm using but I haven't tested that yet. In MMF I would use a modal sub-app (modal layout in this case) but I hear the layout object is "very bugged"..Could someone elaborate on that? Not to be rude but this whole "just deactivate groups and stop animations" thing seems..obsolete? I can see that working for tiny games with few objects and behaviors, but not this.

Thanks for any help!
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Post » Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:40 am

1. Nope, there are no known issues.
2. Yeap, thats how the debugger works, not a bug though. Its just a simple pat saying hey your logic is off a bit.... well as far as its concerned that is.
3.It may not sound right but dummies are often more elegant than making a custom movement.
4. The layout object is very very bugged. It misses clicks, and several other things.
As long as every thing is set to timedelta, timescale should work fine, but I have no idea why your screen would go black, unless its something like the camera plug.
Have you tried a simple message box?
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