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Post » Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:18 am

To the developers: This is in no way an insult
to you or the great program you have come up with.
These are just suggestions on things that I personally
would love to see added in someday. And I do fully
understand that this is part time as you have lives of
your own. Before I list my suggestions.

Since I am still fairly new with construct, some of these
suggestions might be invalid due to the fact that I might
have missed them and am still exploring the possibilities.

Also the layout of the program is top notch, I am very
impressed with how it looks, just want to say great job on

:?: Grid in sprite editor

:?: More internet objects, maybe email or ftp
or just more networking or winsock capabilities or ways to use ports.

:?: Custom behaviors / Combine behaviors

:?: Macro Object - Not for office specific macros, but actual user macro to record
movements and to do those for someone, would be great for making tutorials
for construct and many other programs to specifically show users step by step
real time.

:?: Radial and check box objects

:?: Office compatibilities OR office similar objects

:?: Controller compatibility

In summary, I guess I am hoping that you focus on the
application creating possibilities of construct as much
as you do with the game creation. Thanks again!
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