A few UI questions: Copy, Tab Switching, etc

Post » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:39 am

Firstly, just wanted to say Construct 3 is so far very impressive. It's great to see everything you've been able to achieve in a browser.

I feel there are a few UI issues though I'd like to report below. Not sure they are bugs per se. So I've just posted them here.

Copy shortcut

On a Mac, when I do Copy via Command+C I get a weird popup saying:

"The browser blocked the attempt to copy data. Click the 'Copy' button below to try again."

Copy and paste is really a fundamental user interaction. Is this a bug? Or is there a way I can fix my browser to avoid this issue long term?

Tab switching shortcut

Personally I tend to change tabs constantly while working. Flipping between layouts and event sheets etc.

I can't find a keyboard shortcut that switches tabs. Is there such a shortcut? I realise it's tricky since Control+Tab is going to be captured by the browser. Maybe Shift+Tab could be the Construct workaround?

Reassigning shortcuts

I think in general it'd be great if we could reassign shortcuts. On a Mac, F5 isn't a great shortcut to run a project (especially since the introduction of the Touch Bar). So if we could define our own shortcuts that'd be great.
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