A simple TextInput by Events

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Post » Tue May 08, 2012 6:41 pm

Hi, this is a simple TextInput using the Text and InputSystem objects, this is an altenative to native windows editbox included with CC, it has some issues because still i'm working on to improve it. Any way here is the basic idea... enjoy it and have fun!


.Cap file

EDIT: if some error loading the .cap file, probably you need this from sglorz
InputSystem Plugin

2)EDIT: file is changing constantly so be aware of version you get... i'll try to keep the track of .cap version.

Just now is over version 1.01

im keep working on!

3)EDIT: the final cut now is something functional, still need fixing, version 1.02
Yaottabyte2012-05-08 22:06:09
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