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Artists are needed for Aarkand, an original indie game about a evil man reliving life through his father's eyes to learn what it is to be good.

Story: Torvus is a warlord of great power, his power was given to him by the Five a race of supernatural beings who endow certain humans with strengths in order to shape the world. Torvus instead of choosing the path of good like his father; Saint Aarkand choose to wage war and shake the world to its foundation. Seeing a crisis ahead, the Five intervene in order to try and save his soul. Now torvus must relive his father's life and learn 5 lessons about life in order to return to his world and hopefully stop the bloodshed and death that he started.

Art: The art needed for the game is very unique, it should be an old school very pixel orientated art like the examples shown below.




The team: We have a programmer, writer/game designer.

Profit: This will be a share profit ordeal, where the profits are split amongst the team equally.

Contact: Skype: xblur2x
or contact the poster via PM

Thank you all and I can't wait to see your work.
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