Action deleted when replacing an object

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Post » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:16 am

Problem Description
When replacing an object (press R) in an action setting an effect parameter, we can select objects which don't have that effect on them. If we do so, the action disappears without any notification.

Attach a Capx ... .capx?dl=0

Description of Capx
A basic project with 2 sprites. One has the effect applied to it, the other don't. There is a single action which set Sprite1's effect parameter to a value. Just select the action, press R, select the other object --> the action disappears.

Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • Create 2 sprite objects
  • Add a "adjust HSL" effect to one of them.
  • Create an action where you set the effect parameter to any value.
  • Select the action and press R, select the other object (which doesn't have the effect)
  • The action disappears

Observed Result
The action is deleted

Expected Result
The object which doesn't have the effect on them should not be selectable, or an error message should appear. Deleting the action without any notice is not a good idea.

Affected Browsers
editor bug

Operating System and Service Pack
Windows 10 / v10.0.14393

Construct 2 Version ID
244 (64 bit)
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Post » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:03 pm

Can confirm.

Interestingly, when it disappears, if you press E again (before clicking anything), you get the dialog to bring the first one back.
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