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Post » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:32 pm

Hi, this may have been resolved in 96-100, so apologies if it has been.

I have an event which is as follows:

>Upon clicking with mouse on button "NextLevel" activate group 1
>Upon touching button "NextLevel" activate group 1

Group 1 - Every tick, go to level 2

I put this in place so if I ever needed to change the level, I only had to alter one line.

Now, on PC, this set up works fine. If you click it, it goes to the next level. If, however, I try it on Cocoon, it never changes level. I was able to resolve just by having:

>Upon clicking with mouse on button "NextLevel" go to level 2

but it's not exactly how I wanted it to work. Is this a bug? It's just strange it works on pc, but not on a mobile device.

Maybe this is a Cocoon glitch instead...
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Post » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:59 pm

You should rather set your Touch plugin's property "Use mouse input" to yes, and only have a single condition/input : the touch plugin.

Also, as asked in how to report bugs you should post a capx with your report that would allow Ashley to test quickly if needed.

I don't own a touch device, so I can't try by myself, but it is more likely that the input is the cause of trouble here.
It perhaps can be an other element in your code that sets the group to be deactivated without you expecting it.

Try to reproduce the issue in a single capx (two layouts, one button, touch plugin only) and see if the code still is an issue.

Also, from a logic point of view, why not simply put the action "goto layout" in the "on touched" event itself ?
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