Advanced Juicy Platformer Template (for C2/C3)

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Post » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:35 pm

made a "Juicy Platformer Engine" for anyone to use in C3/C2

  • Movement Abilities - Ledge Grabs, Dashing, Wall Slides, Wall Jumps
  • Camera Director System - Camera Lock (X/Y/Both), Camera Angle, Camera Zoom, speeds for (X/Y/Zoom/Angle)
  • Gamepad Support - can rebind by changing function calls
  • Debug View - Displays System & player stats (can be toggled off/on & only shows up when previewing)

Image Image
uploaded it on the Construct discord server - ... pdate.capx ... 7977922561

its a personal template I created for myself originally that has the usual design & quirks typically displayed in my games hope it proves informative to people too, I've made groups & separate event sheets out of things to improve the readability for anyone interested in learning from it.

please for the love of god DO NOT SELL THIS anywhere
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