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Since I'm going to have a huge world, and it's all side scrolling, and space is limited, is it possible to advertise throughout the world using a billboard style thing built into the game instead of an ugly bar across the bottom? If there are standards for these things, can we not say "screw it" and start a new standard? Imagine RPGs with back rooms where NewEgg or Amazon can advertise through your game, selling top items on the shelves in your game! You can get a profit as a retailer, and they can profit off the product, the customer gets to shop without really leaving!

This could work _very_ well for top/down games as well.

mind = blown
or bad idea?

EDIT: This is simply an idea for an add-on to a game you may already have. Sometimes people want to take a break from gaming and do something else, yes, but imagine if they can go shopping right in the game near a save point or log out place. That gives them a distraction from the the game (because it's not causing them to think about being killed or spending their GP or what-not...well, real GP sure, like dollars or euros, but you know what I mean). Please add thoughts, expand on this idea, let your minds run free in the green fields of your mushy brains. :)
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