Advice on how to become a better Construct user?

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Post » Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:11 pm

well, this advice is all good!

my advice is make little tests, look at games you like (2d games), little programs you like ect. and think about how they did something, then try to replicate it on your own, this is what i do! if u see something you like on the forums and its open source, dont look at the source, first try to make it yourself, and if you get stuck then look at the source. this will help you look at problems in a different way than you normally would. there are no tell all good tuts, its just practice, and develloping your own techniques.

dont try to optimise things too much at first. what i do is make a "rough draft" then look at what can be optimised and make a new draft with more optimisation.

learn what SIN and COS can do (if you dont know), it will help you enormously! learn how to make beziers also, they are pretty useful, even in their simplest form! ive only been using construct since (Aug 02, 2008 2:26 am lol) and i can already say my computer is clogged with cap files i made all over the place.

also, im just curious to know? how old r u? i think i may be the youngest at 14 but i was always curious how old some other members are?

dont worry about not being able to do things at first, you will always get the hang of them sooner of later!
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Post » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:07 pm

like every one above me said the best thing you can do is experiment on your own. Another suggestion is that if you want to make a game, Start small keep it in reason dont add stuff that bloats the game making it a bigger project than it needs to be. I know the problem my friends and I used to have when we first started making games was we would make it too complicated for our own good. Try to make a simple easy (to make) game that is fun. I highly suggest not starting with things like RPGS and such because yes the coding tends to be easier but the sheer amount of work that has to be done otherwise: Making NPCs, writing the script for all the NPCs, programming their movement ETC. All that stuff. just remember to Keep It Simple! then once you feel that you have the skills to make a larger scale game Go for it. If you do it be fore you think your ready the whole time you'll be thinking "I cant do this" when you really can and that will suck all the fun out of the game making experience.
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