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Post » Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:54 pm

Please do have it on your agenda. I have played with the boids plugin a bit but still could not find the solution, because the cells overlap slightly in the end. Please find some time to get round to this. Without your professional help i might be stuck with this for another 3 months or even more.

In the meantime i have done some more "googling" to find that is supposedly using a data organising concept called "quad tree". My knowledge on this is only based on a few things i have read and i cannot conceive how it is implemented. I also hope it is not a dead end road with the quad tree as not all the info out there is reliable. I treat this info with caution.

By the way, how did you gain the experience to be able to come up with things like that? Would you be so kind to drop some hints on how to get better at inventing/developing the code the way you CAN do it. Maybe a list of books or training processes worth undergoing which are based on your experience?

My Construct 2 programming knowledge is only based on what i manage to find / or fail to find on this forum as well as it is backed by the very few books on construct 2, which are already a bit out of date as new features are being added and other were dropped like webStorage for instance. To be honest i wish there was one as concise and comprehensive booksource on Construct 2 as it can be or a really thorough tutorial showing how some of the really beautiful games have been made. The games i can do are pretty crude in nature like old nintendo games. They do not appear as playable and flashy as some of the games a i have seen.

Therefore what would you recommend to do in order to get closer to your level of game dev. craft?

I also wish i could offer something in return. That might require sending some links, which i do not really want to do to keep things within the forum regulations. I do have a pretty extensive list of hobbies to tell you about if you are interested in learning about.

i'm biding my time until you crack the overlaping prevention thing.
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Post » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:52 am

My "experience" has been basically using Construct Classic and Construct 2 since, well, Construct Classic was fresh off the shelf. It's been a few years now... and before that I was using products that "inspired" the creation of Construct - mostly Multimedia Fusion 2.

I then began to bumble through things, and ask a bunch of super annoying questions to the people in-the-know. Essentially... I learned by screwing things up and asking for help (a bit like how you're asking for help). I also just read through topics in the help forum and took notice of the results that people posted - basically if I thought "Hey maybe one day that might be a useful thing to know about" I just read through it and even saved the example capx files for reference later on.

So anyway, I will take a look at Quad Tree stuff as well (I know a 'little' about it, but I will see how it maybe applies to and check what the boids plugin can do as well. I think boids should work fine with the proper adjustments to the boundary thresholds.

No promises on time-frame though... as again this evening I have plenty of work to complete. I haven't even worked on my own project for almost a month now, so I will take a look again as soon as time permits.


Updated capx on post 1st page. Added boids with some quick behaviour settings and they behave pretty neat now. Try to make a big one (like 400 mass) and then separate into a few "blobs". Also set the wait timer to longer (like 10 seconds maybe). They still overlap a little in certain circumstances - but it could look cool depending how you "dress" the plain circles up. They'd look awesome if they slightly overlapped if they were made to look like some bubbling gelatinous goop.

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