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AI aggresison. Chase and kill. — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

This template shows how to implement aggressive enemy AI to your top down shooter or RTS game.

The Game

You are a zombie in the woods. There are also two hitmans whose job is to find and kill you. They are patroling their spots and once they spot you they will chase you until they kill you.

Hitmans have a gun which have a limited range so they have to get close enough before they shot.

As a zombie you can hide behind trees and crates so they could not see you.

What this template shows

  • How to make enemy aggressive once they spot you.
  • How to make enemy chase you no matter where you hide. Enemies cannot see, move or shoot through "walls".
  • How to limit shooting enemies range of shot and make them come closer before they make shot.

Technical details

This template does not use any external plugins.


Assets used in this template comes from Kenneys free assets. Thanks Kenney!

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