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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 10:54 pm

Hey there,

I'd like to make a suggestion for Scirra to please work in image points for 9-patch images with construct 2. I know this can be very useful.

I'm trying to design a UI that reshapes and resizes itself, and it's very difficult to associate any images to the 9-patch. For now, I will work out other ways, but if scirra could perhaps work on a way to add image points to a 9-patch, it would be really handy! =]

Thank you for providing such a great product and community, Scirra! I am thoroughly enjoying it!



Edit on 25th of October, 2015: After spending a lot of time attempting to work this out, I am going to recommend against this. I worked out a way to get a sprite to be set to the same size as the 9patch image using instance variables. However, if objects are already on the 9 patch sprite when it changes size, it will disorientate those objects. If you are going to use 9-patch for UI windows that will change given certain variables, it's a good idea to carefully size the sprite to the maximum size of the UI window, set it to invisible so it cannot be seen, then you can adjust the 9patch image as much as you like without distorting any currently existing visible objects.
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