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Post » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:03 pm

Hola game dev's,

got the following problem.

I uploaded 2 games to the Amazon app store. A free Demo version and a Paid version of my game.
The Demo version is basically the same as the paid version although certain restrictions are implemented.
The only real difference is that in the paid version there's a high score option with the webstorage plug in.

This morning I got the approval for both apps but the strange thing is that the free version works on all devices and for the paid version there were some problems with 2nd generation fire kindle models. Mainly with graphics and music, but these are exactly the same as in the Demo version. I can only think of that the plug in is creating some havoc, but still, this plug has nothing to do with music and graphics.

Anyone maybe an idea what this can be?
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