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As I said, it may be different in your area of the world or targeted audience. In many parts of the world schooling for children in that target range is socialized. I could see it being very effective in third world countries though as low cost devices come to market there, internationalization might be a good strategy for getting contracts with school systems that are not socialized.

And yes you do have competition. I know many people with children, and every single one of them has purchased an age appropriate software title on their behalf. I mean heck, we all played oregon trail and where in the world is carmen sandiego growing up among others.

Anyway, I'm not trying to rain on your parade at all, I think it's a great niche, and I too have done educational software for private companies. I just want to provide you with an alternative perspective that you may or may not be aware of. I wish you all the best all the same :)
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It is always good to hear other peoples opinion and I am grateful for your input. My apps are designed to be social, connect these apps to a smart board/projector and you have an app that allows teachers to use interactive apps to teach kids about the water cycle or anything for that matter.

I do have competition, but it is minimal. Most of the educational apps are for five year olds. How many apps discuss the water cycle and other topics surrounding water? How many apps discuss biodiversity in a simple and interactive way for kids as young as 6 to understand complicated ecological processes? Educational apps that are designed for kids 6 and up are hard to find. Carmen Sandiego is an example of an amazing game, but can you name any other apps that teaches kids about history, in the depth Carmen Sandiego games went into?

At the moment education apps are a niche, but in the future they will become mainstream. This is why I am incredibly excited and passionate about educational apps. When I get my teaching degree, I will be using apps to teach kids educational content, that will reinforce what I have explained to them (as a lot of children are visual learners).

To anyone who is interested, the level of commitment is minimal, I am only asking a few hours a week on working with a visionary and passionate app studio.

PM or email at [email protected] (.com) for more information, or if you have any questions.

Looking forward to your reply,

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