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Post » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:25 pm

Hey! We've just released the "Mini Book" for Ancient Axes: Heroes on Paper on the Scirra Arcade! Control two heroes at once to slay monsters and finish an epic story.

Play it in the Scirra Arcade:

We're attempting to bring a bigger version of the game to the OUYA ( (as a launch title no less), and later to Windows, Mac, & Linux. We hope to create an action-packed puzzler for solo players or an action-stuffed thrill ride for 2-4 players. We're trying bring back the successful couch and arcade co-op from the lost 1980's legends like Gauntlet and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and at the same time inject some unique paper-style art influenced from the likes of the Paper Mario series.

To do this, we have launched a Kickstarter. This will help us grab the full version of Construct 2, but it will also show us that people actually want to play the game. The more excitement there is for the game (the better the Kickstarter does), the more we can put into the title.

The Kickstarter (only $1 for the full game!):

Other ways you can help: Help us with our chance to win the #myouyagame contest (early developer's console!) by retweeting this tweet:

This will obviously help us make sure Construct 2 works well with OUYA. If we can grab a dev console, we'll make sure to let everyone know what Construct 2 games look like on an OUYA!

You can also follow us on Facebook:
or Twitter:
or on our official site:

So, why Construct 2? I first started using it just to create a concept - but the engine proved to be powerful than I initially thought. It looks like it will take us pretty far. Thankfully, C2 is pretty open ended, so if we get stuck, we can just add some Javascript. Will it work with OUYA? Well, it works with Android, so it should! If we get a developer's console we'll let you know ASAP - otherwise, we'll let you know early next year how it performs with the OUYA dev kit!

The first thing that impressed me about Construct 2 is something really simple... it was the very smooth 8-directional movement. Getting something like that just right means a lot. Of course how very simple it was to put a full project together was also fantastic. The lifetime license was another big factor (pretty rare in game development).

So, any questions? Wondering how I did something in the game? Feedback? Other words you can't help but say? I welcome a discussion.

-Dan J. and the rest of Planet Io

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Post » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:09 am

Really nice bro like it, when my buddy is over Christmas i will get him on this as well as we were lifelong gauntlet fans on the spectrum we will love this
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