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I've been trying to follow the evolution of this topic in several threads:

I'm not savvy enough to offer insights/test results for the problem-solvers on this vsync (I believe that's the problem) issue. I can say it is a big problem for my android game I'm working on as there are many moving elements/bullet behaviors. The game is totally playable, but that constant janking makes it look unprofessional and I'm afraid to release it as such.

I've been methodical about testing my game in debug after implementing a new element and keeping it in the 60fps range. That being said, I've learned 60fps doesn't = no janking. I just want to confirm - it's not C2, nor my game structure, causing this stuttering problem, and that I must simply wait until Google devs can fix the vsync?

Thanks for your persistence @Ashley. I see you all over the boards working with the devs on this.
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