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Post » Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:45 pm

I know you can't make the sprite do 2 different animations at a time, however I am having a huge issue now.

When the character isn't moving, I want him to play an idle animation of him just standing, and only slightly moving.

However, I also want the player to be able to hit the attack button and attack if they want.

The problem is:

Since the idle animation is playing when the character isn't moving, whats the best way to go from the idle animation, to the attack animation by using a keyboard button?
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Post » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:19 pm

Here's a CAPX with running, idle, and a throwing animation (with even more)... it's was simpler to just upload this instead of trying to explain it... Don't let the name fool you, it went from a turret test to a line of sight test, but still has the animation processing you need.

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Post » Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:16 pm

thanks so much! I think this should do it!
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