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Post » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:16 pm

I have a problem where my object has an animation running while a physics force is being applied to it. Problem is that when the animation runs, the movement speed from the physics force is a lot weaker (it kind of starts jittering, even when the collision boxes are the same for every frame). If I remove the animation, physics make the object move a lot faster again.

I have read from previous posts, that a solution would be to make a separate non-physics object with an animation and pin it to a physics object without an animation. This doesn't solve my problem because I need the collision box to change according to the animation frames. This means I still need physics on the object that has animation frames.

This problem has stopped me from progressing for months now and I just can't move on without fixing it :(

Solutions and ideas welcome. Thanks for reading.

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