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Post » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:11 pm

Hi, I'm currently developing and designing a game with C2 (I'll post the demo in the BETA section soon for you all to try out) for a client with a merchandise store. As of now, we are doing a 50/50 type thing (I will develop/design/create, he will do promotion/ads, etc), so I was wondering if anyone else have done any freelance game design here and what terms you used with any clients you had.

I thinking of using Bonsai to write up a simple contract; have any else used this and will it hold up legally? Again, I'm been working with the guy for nearly the past year (good back and forth communication, haven't had and real problems dealing with him) but now since the game is pretty much complete and near commercial release, I just wanna maybe protect myself a bit.
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