Anyone else having troubles with Google Play?

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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:17 am

First I submitted my app, and got striked because a error in automated system, waited 70 hours and then it got resolved...

Then around 12 hours later, I get this email from admob.

GOOGLE PLAY REMOVAL: AdMob publishers are not permitted to abuse or promote the abuse of any Google product, such as Google Play, YouTube, or Blogger. This includes circumventing, or providing the means to circumvent, the policies or terms of these or other Google products, such as by allowing users to download YouTube videos.

If your app is removed by Google Play policy enforcement, please contact Google Play about an app removal here. If Google Play reinstates your app, please submit an appeal to our team.

Now I have to wait another 72 hours to get this fixed.
Its a joke.

My game was a simple platformer

Also note: I even unpublished my app yet I get this
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