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Post » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:05 pm

@Kyatric yeah that's all very valid :) As a Ludum Dare competitor it falls way short. It's also a case for the failings of democracy - I'm on the record of being staunchly against the whole design of the thing :P But, not everyone can get what they want. This is another tip I would give people: assign your lead designer ahead of time. Get someone to make all the final calls, otherwise you get dragged in too many directions. (Although I do like the idea of perma-death, it just needs to be vastly better in its layout design)

But that said, the primary goal was to see what we could do with a group of people in a short space of time, and it looks good! And for the scope of LD it can be hard to fit everyone in, but I want to try to expose the potential for bigger projects. LD was just a good chance to bring some people together. And the main thing gained is how much we all learnt in this process. Like now I understand better all the considerations to get smooth multiplayer that I can factor in from the start.

And thanks for the keyboard advice, it never crossed my mind actually. And also controller should work on it too.
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Post » Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:55 am

I still say we should have gone with a one legged viking with a dog whahahahaha

Thanks for the comments :)

I think the SVN and its relating issues swallowed up about half of our time. We could have done so much more ...

The whole haunting concept (death) wasnt worked out sufficiently,the idea was that when you become a ghost you would be able to do a lot more.

Effectively giving you another piece of game play.

The whole alive state of the game was the concept you get only one life ... but you could haunt forever :)

Idea were such as taunting or helping a living player as a ghost.

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Post » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:48 am

I must have missed the updates to this thread. But yeah, things could have gone smoother. I myself spent half the time fighting the music recording software rather than actually writing and recording music, but I think it worked well enough. I only got the music software (Presonus Studio One 2 Pro) a couple weeks before the comp, so I was still learning it. And then, of course, I found more things I needed to learn or solve when I started recording as well.

It is unfortunate that we ran into problems along that way that slowed us down. I would have liked to see what we could do without "wasting" time, but it turned out alright.

I was wary of SVN before we started. It just seemed so risky. I don't like the fact that work can be lost. I would rather everybody had worked on a separate file or something so at least we could keep our progress, but I don't know how that would have worked.

With a large team, it is a bit tricky to get everybody to agree on something, especially when we must do our brainstorming at the last minute. There were times like I felt we weren't all on the same page or aware of what someone else was wanting. I never did figure out what happened to the other music guy. Of course, I was going to do everything we needed anyway. I think the music I did turned out fine, though I would have like to spend more time working on making the music better than troubleshooting sound issues.

I think the end result turned out fine. It would have been better had we just kept it simple. I was assuming we would just make a hard-to-find exit with time running out for the torch. Then, there was talk of ghosts and all this other stuff, which is fine. I just think we didn't really have time to flesh it all out.

Overall, I had fun, and I'm glad that people like the game even with a few bugs here and there.DrewMelton2014-01-03 01:49:54
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