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Post » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:07 pm

teacherpeter wrote:I think the dream is to be able to make money doing what you love in a career that is entirely your own, not having to answer to a boss or something. People naturally are curious about monetizing and ads and making a quick buck because they want to dip their toes in the water. Most know that they will spend more on C2 than they will make on their first game. As for me, I'm dreaming big, but I wouldn't ever dream of monetizing or selling a game until I'm satisfied with it. I think it's too shameful to release a half-assed app with ads enabled or anything like that. You won't see me release unless I can personally assure you of its quality, and I may be a year or more away from such a release, but it'll be worth it when I get there.

Excellent post, spot on summation for most indie devs I would imagine.

It is a dream we are chasing, being able to feed ourselves, take care of loved ones, paying the bills and rent by doing something we love: making and playing games.
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Post » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:34 am

For me, it's all about the art and design, with a view to either getting noticed or earning enough to quit my day-job and make games indie fulltime. I have fond memories of the hundreds of hours I poured into Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games on the Gameboy and Snes, and being able to give somebody else that same enjoyment through something I've created is my motivation to keep going.

While it breaks my heart to see C2 being used to make "me too" clones of viral successes, it also makes sense that some people are just in it to make a $/£/€ and couldn't care less about making something with a little bit of soul in it, and others are trying to get money so that they can make their dream project. If I didn't have my current job to support myself with financially, I too would probably be making smaller games in an effort to get money quickly. Luckily I have that support, and was able to work on Dungeon Buster without needing to sacrifice time to other smaller piggybank projects.
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