Array based collision system?

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Post » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:47 pm

If performance is THAT big a deal, Construct isn't the tool to use. For heavyweight processing it'll have unnecesary large overheads for the generalised collisions engine, events engine and so on. If it matters that much to you, I'd say write the serverside in a written language (C++, .NET, Java, Python...) and use Construct only for the client. You'd still need a sockets plugin which doesn't yet exist, but you can customise and tweak the performance to work exactly as you want it.
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Post » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:53 pm

[quote="danjo":2fzplk62]halo like other commercial fps are server based.[/quote:2fzplk62]

Halo isn't an MMO or server based. The clients do all the work.

Yeah Ashley I know what your saying. I've decieded to scrap the collisions and use a simpler system (clicking the attacks). This should only need to send to the server everytime someone uses an attack and be processed only then, rather than constantly processing. I'm hoping this won't be too slow in construct...

Quazi, there is no alternative for proper MMOs im afraid. You simply can't let the client do anything unless your willing to have cheaters. And your suggestion is how guild wars works, its a kind of half MMO as only towns/cities actually are hosted on the servers, everything else uses your client as a host system. Its quite restricting.
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