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Post » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:43 pm

Hey guys. I'm making an RPG right now, and that means lots of arrays. I had the idea to whip up a GUI array editor, so here's the alpha.

Array Editor Alpha 0.1

[list:2smmeo9b][*:2smmeo9b]Right double click to make a new value.[/*:m:2smmeo9b]
[*:2smmeo9b]Right click and drag to draw lines between values, useful for notating relationships. Double click a line to destroy it. Colour select is down the bottom.[/*:m:2smmeo9b]
[*:2smmeo9b]Bottom tab of a value drags, top tab destroys. Destroying a tab destroys the assosciated value.[/*:m:2smmeo9b]
[*:2smmeo9b]Scroll wheel to zoom, arrow keys to scroll.[/*:m:2smmeo9b]
[*:2smmeo9b]I can't get the file to export to a custom path, or through the common dialogue, so it will come out as Output.txt in the program's directory.[/*:m:2smmeo9b][/list:u:2smmeo9b]

My biggest problem right now is loading and saving. Saving breaks zooming for some strange reason, and loading large arrays puts them in all the same spot and slows it down to a crawl.

Here's the .cap to anyone who is interested in this/thinks they know a solution to these problems.
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