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Hello fellow Scirra game makers,

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Serg, and I run a small Art Studio "Ponylab."
It's a place, where born from Rainbows ponies craft Awesome Art for Amazing Games.
We're working with 2D and 3D, UI/UX, pixel-art style and a lot of more styles any game could have.

Please, check our portfolio here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio

I wanted to share two core Ponylab's features we're proud:

1. We don't design pictures. We're working on creating the atmosphere.
We believe it's a key for a successful players plunge and long-term engagement with the game.

2. Service
Real service. Clear communication, fast responses, reasonable turnaround, extensive reviews, bonuses. We believe in giving, and we're proud of it.

You can find a few reviews from our customers here: https://www.ponylab.studio/

Are you looking for art?
Let's get in touch!
You can contact us via our website or simply by writing an email at [email protected]
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Ooops, looks like this engine is cropping the images.
You can check them in full resolution here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio
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