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Post » Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:24 am

Am having a problem with a short audio loop (helicopter sound). The project is in html5 website and is minimal.

The audio file is around 5 seconds and 35kb (ogg and m4a). In Construct2 editor it sounds great, but exported to html5, on some browsers and computers the helicopter sound stops and makes a gap between 50 - 100 milliseconds at the audio file end. After the silent gap, it starts the loop again.

Have tested on PC and Mac, from a live website and from local wamp/xampp server. Safari seems to be where the gap is larger. For a helicopter to feel like an aircraft, the sound should loop without gaps.

The app has a single layout, one (10 frame) animated sprite, no other graphic. The only action it has is play sound on the layout load completed event.

Could be a bug or there is a guru technique am not following? (maybe some buffer setting or so)
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