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Post » Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:11 am

How do you guys go about doing your audio settings?

I wish I could give the audio object instance variables instead of using global variables. For example if I wanted to separate out sfx and music I would need sfx volume, music volume, sfx muted, and music muted variables.

Using the built in mute action doesn't work for sound effects, it doesn't prevent future ones from being played. I use an event to check a variable to see if the sound should be played. I suppose I could just set the volume to -200 dB or something to save an event, but I'd like to leave the volume untouched so that when the sound is unmuted, the previous volume is restored.

Using set silent doesn't work, as it cannot be applied to specific tags. If my music has multiple parts and the user toggles the silence before a transition, the next part won't get played, so when the silence is toggled off there will be no music.
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