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Post » Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:14 am

15 minutes minimum backup time is simply TOO LONG.
I can accomplish a lot in less than 15 minutes and have all my work obliterated.

This is the umpteenth time Construct 2 crashes, and thankfully I've adapted to hitting Ctrl+S after every time I make a change now.

But after every crash, after my first really big one where I didn't remember to save like a dumb dumb, I now check the backup folders frequently for kicks.

I'm noticing that the Backup folders do NOT function well. I have all 3 in separate locations and they don't backup frequently if at all.

Why can we not have a 5 minute frequency out of curiosity? Is there a limitation somewhere or somehow?AnthonyB282013-08-01 04:04:30
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