Barbaros Platformer Character (Sprites)

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Barbaros Platformer Character — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Game character spritesheet


He is drawn in Illustrator therefore 100% Vector.

Each body part is exported as a single sprite AND packed in a spritesheet using a similiar software like texture packer to reduce space and increase performance.

Fully rigged and animations exported as single sprites AND packed in a spritesheet

Both source files .ai and .scml (Illustrator and Spriter files) are included. So easy to edit and fit your needs

Everything is organized and named properly.

Quality tested on Construct 2 and Unity3D game engines.

Additionaly mobile app icon with this character included.


30 body parts

10 animations ( Attack, Die, Die Bloody, Hurt, Hurt Idle, Idle, Shield Block, Shield Equip, Slide, Walk)

You can contact me at any time. I give you full support. If you need help in general or for example you are missing one animation feel free to send me an email.

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