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Beeps, Blips and Menus — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Nova Sound presents Beeps, Blips and Menus Sound Reservoir. This sound collection consists of 50 sound effects crafted strategically to sonically aid in game and app navigation. As users transition from screen to screen, menu to menu they need to feel game/app(s) interactions to stay engaged, Beeps Blips and Menus can provide that feel. Comprised of the most basic interactive sounds to the most dynamically complex, Beeps Blips and Menus will bring realism to your games/apps navigational features.

Beeps, Buttons, Menus, Clicks, Pops, Boops, Bop, Robo, Robot, Robotic, Transition, Elements, Basic, Point

50 Sounds - 10.8 MB, 44.1k 16bit Wav. Stereo

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