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Post » Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:51 am

lunarray wrote:@Divona
Okay that was stupid of me >.< I fixed it, and put the zip file with wrong name at the dropbox so what you are downloading is the same version with error. This time it would work. Please try download it again.

With the new update, there is no problem with the minify export now. Thank you for the fix! This is one very handy behavior for Construct 2. :D
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Post » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:47 pm

Can someone please post a link to the Easetween Mod file? I can't find it anywhere and i'm looking for it for an older project of mine.

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Post » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:39 pm

Sure, read the full first post in this topic.
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Post » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:49 pm

When using the "initialize tween" action is there any way to type a variable in th target fieldor system expression?

right now the only work around i can figure out that works is to add 2 additional actions (set target x, set target y) after it.
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Post » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:25 am

It is a string, if it is a position tween you can use "700,200" in the target to tween to x=700, y=200. If you want to use variable let's say MyTargetX and MyTargetY, you can turn those two variable into string by entering

MyTargetX & "," & MyTargetY

into the target field.
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Post » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:57 am

lunarray wrote:@justifun
It is a string, if it is a position tween you can use "700,200" in the target to tween to x=700, y=200. If you want to use variable let's say MyTargetX and MyTargetY, you can turn those two variable into string by entering

MyTargetX & "," & MyTargetY

into the target field.

Hi, the links on the first page do not seem to be working. Can you please verify ?

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Post » Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:27 am

I just checked and it is working fine, which link is not working?
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Post » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:39 pm


Can you make your LiteTween addon work with expressions?
I'm trying to make an object move from 1 part of the screen to another. Variables don't work because I'm trying to use Positions, which is both X and Y, and I can't include a "," in the variable, or it will screw it up.

Here is a link to my forum post of my problem.
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Post » Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:30 pm

lunarray wrote:LiteTween

Download Link: LiteTween v.1.7

Manual in PDF: Download

Warning: This is a behavior, not a plugin, so it should go to behavior folder, not plugin folder.

If you need the older v1.5 litetween which is the stable one, this is the place. I added some new feature in 1.7, shouldn't affect much, but just for precaution.
Download Link: LiteTween v.1.5

FIX 19/7/2016: Fixing problem with minification and fixing minor typo.
FIX 24/6/2016: Fixing Tween() expression for version 1.7
ADD 17/6/2016: Added parameter changing for easing, back and other stuff.
ADD 17/12/2015: Added LiteTween.Tween(a, b, x, type) function, behaving like lerp(a,b,x)
*: x must be between [0.0, 1.0] or it will clamp it unlike lerp, because tween can't extrapolate value
**: type is the index of tween type, setting it to 0 will use linear tween, 27 would be EaseInOutSmoothstep, etc

FIX 14/7/2015: Re-fixing flip and mirror
FIX 19/6/2015: Three digit version number 1.2.1 changed to 1.3
ADD 18/6/2015: Added State expression and IsReversing Condition
ADD 4/6/2015: Add save/load support
FIX 5/7/2014: Fixed issue of scale tween with flipped or mirrored sprites
CHANGE 29/6/2014: Added new 'force refresh' option when starting tween
ADD 15/5/2014: Added Flip Flop PlayMode
ADD 15/5/2014: Added Scale tweening
FIX 3/3/2014: Fixed issue with EaseInOutBack
FIX 24/1/2014: Fix issue with multiple litetween and value tween on one sprite
FIX 22/1/2014: this.active now store tween active status instead of playmode, and updated on tick to make it more compatible with Tween2Effect
ADD 4/12/2013: Add explanation about position tween in this post, please check below
ADD 4/12/2013: Added Loop play mode
FIX 4/12/2013: Fixed a typo for set target (relative) in height tween
FIX 21/11/2013: Fixed specific bug when angle tween is used with compromise mode
ADD 21/11/2013: Added Horizontal/Vertical tweened property
ADD 21/11/2013: Added Ping Pong
FIX 5/10/2013: Fixed the height tween only accepting x,y parameter
FIX 5/10/2013: Fixed the events firing related to previous bug
FIX 3/10/2013: Fixed the events firing only once bug
FIX 3/10/2013: Fixed the height tween bug
FIX 3/10/2013: Fixed the target property throwing js error
ADD 18/09/2013: Add absolute/relative on property edit
ADD 20/07/2013: Add value tween, value property
FIX 01/07/2013: Resource hog on OnTick
FIX 01/07/2013: Fixed the set parameter bug.
FIX 01/07/2013: Now accept zero duration, it will instantly go to target.
ADD 28/06/2013: Added safeguard against set duration of zero and negative.
FIX 28/06/2013: Removed console.log messages in runtime
FIX 28/06/2013: Added safeguard, ignored set target with NaN value.
FIX 28/06/2013: Small typo fix of "set duration {1}" in edittime

I am going to retire the old EaseTween due to it having complication with bugs after so many feature request. After realizing how hard it is making a simple mouse enter, sprite go big, mouse leave sprite go small, I decided to make this LiteTween plugin.

I will try to keep this one lean, efficient and usable, learning from previous experience of so many feature creeps.

This plugin won't be compatible with EaseTween.

You can also control effect's parameter with LiteTween if you use this behavior by rex_rainbow.
Tween2Effect by rex_rainbow

How to use LiteTween

Position, Horizontal dan Vertical tween
In design mode, litetween accepts position in format x, y

Example case 1, you want to tween a sprite from current position to the coordinate 200,100
How to do that in the design view (not on event sheet):
a. Set Target to 200,100.
b. Set Target Mode to Absolute
c. Make sure Active on Start is 'Yes'

Example case 2, you want to move a sprite to left by 100 pixel using the design view
a. Set Target to -100, 0
b. Set Target Mode to Relative
c. Make sure Active on Start is 'Yes'
Note: Or you can just use Horizontal tween

Example case 3, you want to move a sprite to left by 100 pixel, whenever your user click the sprite (on the event sheet)
a. Create an on touch sprite condition
b. Make a litetween action Set Target X (relative), value -100
c. Make a litetween action Set Target Y (relative), value 0
d. Start the tween "from the beginning"
Note: Or you can just use Horizontal tween

Warning: Set X and Set Y action is an inseparable pair on position tween.

If you do a Set X action, don't forget to do a Set Y action too. Many people think it is a bug, where it is actually not :(. A Set X action without a set Y action will use previous Y, even in relative mode, causing all kind of unexpected problem...

Note: The same apply with Set Y without a Set X.
Angle tween
Angle accepts value in degrees. That is to rotate three times clockwise, just enter 1080 in value. To rotate three times counter-clockwise, enter -1080 in value.

Opacity tween
Opacity accepts value from 0 (fully transparent) to 100 (fully opaque).
You can actually set it beyond 100.

Value tween
Value accepts any float number as target.
1. Set starting value using 'Set Value' action.
2. Set target value using 'Set Target' action.
3. Start the tween.
4. To check the current value use the Value expression.

Size tween
Size tween accepts target size in pixel in format width,height as target.
Width tween accepts target size in pixel.
Height tween accepts target size in pixel.

Download Demo

LiteTween Seek Demo
LiteTween Stretch Demo (spam click on the right apple)
LiteTween Demo


I provide these download links for peoples who are using older easeTween version in their projects.
EaseTween 1.6 Behavior
EaseTween 1.4.1 Behavior
EaseTween 1.1 Behavior
This is the demo capx
Older Demo CAPX: capx

This is the VN-GUI demo because some people asks me what this component is useful for.
Live Demo: VN Demo
CAPX: VN Demo capx

This is the reference demo
Live Demo: EaseTween Reference
CAPX: EaseTween Reference capx

If you like this behavior please leave a comment. Thanks lunarray2014-01-25 17:51:18

Hello I have a problem about plugin
when I exported my project to HTML5. I found "lunarray litetween" didn't work on Chrome browser and others Why? and How should I do. Please help.
Thank you
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Post » Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:41 pm

@lunarray - Wow. I did not know I need this behavior until now... I use lerp/dt but found out it's not smooth. @lunarray - Can I ask why this plugin is smoother than lerp/dt?

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