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Post » Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:47 am

Hello! A friend showed this program to me as an alternative to software I currently use (Multimedia Fusion). Thus far, it's a very well made program, however: one thing is missing that I would really like to see implemented and I don't think it be out of the question: a point of perspective for pseudo 3D games.

Going through the forum posts around here is telling me that I need to explain myself fully, so let me get started

What I am suggesting:
The point of perspective behavior/object is exactly that: it serves as a point of perspective that sprites can accurately scale/move in, giving a sense of 3D movement. This has been a common feature in 2D arcade games since the 80's and adds a classic charm to games that modern 3D games oddly lack

you can see this effect in games such as:

Space Harrier
After Burner
Rad Mobile
Punch out!! (arcade)
Power Drift
and many more!

What I am NOT suggesting:

-Actual 3D/3D mesh support. Construct is a 2D engine! Often when pseudo 3D is brought up, arguments start about adding real 3D support and quickly derails. Please do not.

-any sort of mode7/sprite distortion effect
I cannot stress this enough. this is not what I'm asking for

What the object/behavior should do

the point of perspective would essentially act like a camera. it would be position-able, rotatable, etc. this 'camera' would automatically scale sprites based on their z position. This z position can be mapped to the prebuilt movements such as the 8 directional or even the physics behavior.

-the object should automatically sort objects by their z position/hide them before they take too much cpu to render

-to be able to adjust elements such as depth and angle

Let me know what you guys think!

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Post » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:32 pm

Why add it as a behavior , you can do all what you asked for with events ...
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Post » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:03 pm

A good question! the answer is ease of use!

First of all, the math that goes into making accurate perspective is over the average user's head, and for an engine that's built to be fast and easy to pick up, it would be REALLY beneficial to have some sort of in-built support of this.

Also consider that, in order to have a proper 3d effect, all objects would need to have their z position sorted every tick. there is no current support for that without a plugin. You cannot do this with what's available by default as all that's available is "bring to front" and "bring to back"

I may be asking this in the wrong section, though. perhaps the plugin section would be more fitting.
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