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Post » Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:33 pm

Hello all,
This time my question is not a how to, but a "best way to" or "how whould you like to move" kind of question.

Imagine a Bomberman kind of level, topview, relatively a maze but not so tight on movement space.

On that scenario, you move a fast character like a mouse pointer. But this character should collide with the scene's objects.
The question is, How should i make the movement of this character?

My first inclination is to move it with mouse/finger in a 1:1 fashion. Exactly like a mouse cursor.

A second option whould be to click and make the character move to that point (stright without any fancy pathfinding). Like Diablo movement.

The last and most common is to move with a normal virual pad. But my game is more focused on mouse/touch driven movement.

If you want the closest example of my game see: Knights In The Nightmare

You will see how you move some kind of cursor, it seems like a mouse driven movement is the way to go. But collision and lag kill this implementation.

Any ideas about workarounds or ideas for other solutions whould be apreciated a lot!
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