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I've been working on and off on a managment game based on Pokémon Red/Blue. It's a dream I've had for a long time and the work name for this project is Big Business 3, a tounge-in-cheek reference to two other failed attempts using Multimedia Fusion 2. I originally came at this from a perspective of "fan-games" that Pokémon fans create, where it's commonplace to take the graphics and mechanics of Pokémon and create an original experience. I fell in love with the simplistic yet genius graphics of the first pokemon games for the Game Boy. It can be described at Minecraft crossed with Pokémon at this pointt. And hopefully mixed with Harvest Moon and Capitalism 2 further into development.

Now I'm pretty bad at this stuff so every feature is a struggle, which is why I'm entering this community. And I'll be thrilled if someone could test out what i've done so far.

The premise is that you're returning to your old home town where things have gone bad. The economic situation is terrible and someone needs to make some cash, quick! You've inherited a small company but it's not doing too good. It's time to do some BIG BUSINESS! :)

What you can do right now is to go around and gather resources like stone, wood and iron and take it to the harbor to sell for a profit. You can also do some farming. You have to find the tools before you can get resources, they're placed around the map.


Arrow keys: Movement
Space bar: Interact/drop item
I: Inventory
ENTER: Ledger/Sell items when at the harbor

You need this free font:


Disclaimer: The graphics/music are obviously stolen, and are placeholders for now. I'm looking to eventually recreate them but before I know the scope of the project this is how I'm doing it. This is not for profit. If this is against the rules of the board plase let me know.
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Wow, looks exactly the same!
Hmm, I just got stuck on a wall : /
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