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Post » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:47 pm

Current version: alpha1.0.0

Billy Block

Download: ... sp=sharing

This game is a run-'n'-leap platformer, where the player usually leapt over obstacles as opposed to jumping on platforms, and was inspired by classics as Lode Runner, and other run-'n'-leapers as Pitfall! and Keystone Kapers.

To play, open the .capx file with Construct 2, and play it from any layout you'd like.

Controls are:
  • 'Enter' key on title screen starts the game
  • 'D' key moves you right
  • 'A' key moves you left
  • 'W' key makes you jump
  • 'D' key makes you drop through a jumpthru platform
  • 'P' key pauses the game
  • 'R' key kills Billy, bringing him back to start and costing him a life (rarely used)
  • 'T' key returns player to title screen
  • 'M' key plays or stops music
  • You can also click the X in the top-right corner during a game to play or stop music.

Thanks for any feedback; I appreciate that.
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Post » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:36 pm

Pretty cool!

-Love the aesthetic. Grew up with the commodore64

-I immediately wished the Player character had the same art as the rest of the game. Perhaps a white outline box OR the character could be a sprite from that font. like a "0"

-I didn't expect the movement to be so smooth. felt a little out of place. Seems like the default settings. I was kinda wanting to get at least a hint of the stiff C64 platforming controls. I think i'd prefer a little bit of that to be added.

-Awesome death flashing animation

-I'd suggest disable jumping on landing for 0.05 second after (tweak the exact number) - Because I had problems holding W and autojumping after landing. This is per the default C2 platformer controls but you can fix it

-Enjoyed the level design!
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