Blank game crashes in Telegram chromium browser

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Post » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:50 am

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Problem Description
When our html5 games made with Construct game engine are opened via the telegram native browser (Android version 5+) and is opened via the bot, after some minutes the game crashes in native telegram chromium browsers, but at the same time the same game has no problem and does not crash when it is opened in a new chrome tab via telegram. The point is that we have tested different games from native games to those made with other game engines opened via the bot in Telegram, all are fine and do not crash, except Construct.

Attach a Capx

Description of Capx
This capx file is an empty project and does nothing; yet the game crashes in native telegram browsers.

Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • Use Android 5+, and any version of telegram
  • Using a bot to open the html5 game so that the game is opened in native telegram browser (chromium)
  • Wait for about 30 minutes and/or tap/click on the game layout periodically

Observed Result
After some minutes the game is crashed and telegram closes.

Affected Browsers

[*] Chromium (YES) [Telegram Native Browser]
[*] Chrome: (NO)

Operating System and Service Pack
Android 5+

Construct 2 Version ID
v239 and v244
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Post » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:07 am

If it works in a normal browser tab this suggests Construct 2's code is correct and that the telegram browser is the problem.

Also bugs which involve reproduction steps like "wait 30 minutes" are far too time consuming to investigate - we could easily need to try the steps 20 times over while diagnosing it to resolve the problem. We certainly can't afford to do that only to find it wasn't a problem in our code anyway. Closing as won't fix.
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