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Post » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:51 am

Hey guys! So here is a stealth game that I made which is nowhere finished...yet. I call it Blinque!

A minimalistic stealth shooter, the game is pretty simple. I mean, I made all the sprites in PowerPoint. There isn't much to it at the moment, but you play as Blinque, a silent hunter who works for the Collective, who in the specific level shown, must infiltrate Kronkave and retrieve the weapons cache (or something like that, haven't had a look yet). I added some LoS stuffs, night vision, door opening/closing, offscreen enemy indicators, alert icons, all the stuff. Basically, Metal Gear.

The level isn't finished, though, so it's currently at early dev stage. There is no objective here yet, either, so bear with me.

WASD - Move
Left Mouse Button - Shoot/Skip Dialog
E (hold) - Open/Close doors
SHIFT (hold) - Run when moving, zoom out when still

Here is the link:

Feedback is most welcome and very needed! I plan to make the game COMPLETELY free-to-play, so let's make it count!

Thanks in advance for any feedback & critiques! You guys rock! :D
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