Blood Splat using Canvas

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Post » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:05 pm

First off, Sorry if this is in the wrong topic.

Secondly, I notice there were a few tips and how-to's on these forms about Blood Splatters.... But nothing was like what I was needing.

Something like ZachBell take on Hotline Miami That looks like :


He made his in Game Maker Studio.....
So I made my own in Construct and wanted to share it with you guys :D
Although mine doesn't have the shake effect (But it should be to hard to add if you needed


Please Note: This requires you to have the Canvas Plugin
If you need Canvas.... Then check out here:

You can download the Project file

Please enjoy, if you need help with using it or anything, just let me know...

Keep in mind this is just a sample so people can look at and copy, and I wont really suggest using it as a template for making a game.
But if you really want to you can!

And of course feel free to mess around with it. Change the effects and looks of Blood and how much spawns and the physics!!!
Also if this did help and you finish your game, you can always link back here or give me a shoutout ;)
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Post » Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:57 am

Yes i can help you do this, you first need sprites in PNG format with transparent alpha enabled to do something similar. And then randomize the display of these blood pictures.
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